1st Workshop on Formal Verification of Machine Learning (WFVML 2022)

Co-located with ICML 2022, at Baltimore Convention Center

July 22 (Friday), 8:45 am - 6 pm, Room 308

Baltimore, Maryland, United States (Physical Workshop)

About This Workshop

Our workshop accepted 23 high quality papers. See list of accepted papers.

When machine learning-based building blocks become widely available for complex and critical systems such as autonomous vehicles, medical devices, or cyber-security systems, their behavior must also be exactly characterized to ensure the high assurance of the entire system. Most existing research treats a machine learning model such as a deep neural network as a black box and uses simple empirical metrics such as accuracy to quantify their performance. However, accuracy alone is not sufficient to assure that the model always obeys even basic specifications. Formal verification algorithms for machine learning aim to formally prove or disprove desired specifications of a machine learning model. Some common specifications include safety, fault tolerance, fairness, robustness and correctness. 

The aims of this workshop are:

Our workshop features 6 invited speakers spanning a quite diverse research background, including robotics, programming languages, optimization and computer security. Please checkout our workshop schedule.

Workshop Highlights

Pre-recorded invited talk: Computational Methods for Non-convex Machine Learning Problems (Prof. Somayeh Sojoudi, UC Berkeley)

Pre-recorded invited talk: Efficient Neural Network Verification using Branch and Bound (Prof. Suman Jana, Columbia University)

Best paper awards🏆

Alessandro De Palma (University of Oxford); Rudy Bunel (Deepmind); Krishnamurthy Dvijotham (DeepMind); M. Pawan Kumar (University of Oxford); Robert Stanforth (Deepmind)

🥈Best Paper Runner-up: Backward Reachability for Neural Feedback Loops
Nicholas Rober (MIT); Michael Everett (MIT); Jonathan How (MIT) 

Workshop Organizers

Drexel University

UC Berkeley 

Bosch Center for AI

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